Prayer Fellowship

“Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” (Mark 11:24)
It is prayer that sets the wheels into motion, for without prayer the tender plant will wilt. The Wesley English Church has prayer as its very foundation and the church seeks the face of God in one accord. The many answers that have been received bear testimony to that fact. All night prayers were organized by the different groups periodically and this zeal which the members displayed slowly transformed itself into what is now known as the Prayer Fellowship.
·         The members of this fellowship have a great desire to offer intercessory prayers.
·         Have a burden for evangelistic ministries
·         Exclusive prayers are made for the sick and the convalescing.
·         The burden to pray for children, their studies and spiritual development.
·         Special prayers are offered for the youth, their marriage and for the blessings of the childless.
·         The problem of unemployment and the global recession and regression.
·         For all members fellowships, LCC, PC and Pastor & Chairman.
·         The crises of our nation – internal and external threats, the threat of schism within the country.
·         The spiritual revival in our church
·         We thank the Almighty for having answered our prayers.
·         We invite you to take part in it and be blessed.
All Saturdays
7A.M. – 8 A.M.

Songs, Time of praising, Short Meditation, Intercessory Prayer by Individual members

The church also conducts fasting prayer quite frequently wherein the participants pray in one accord taking the various prayer requests to the Throne of Grace for His will to be done.
“Praise be to god, who has not rejected my prayer” Psalm 66:20